About Us

Creative, flexible Graphic Design applied on different media

Custom printing delivered on time and on budget.

Our Mission:

We devote ourselves to the progress and development of printing technology in a world where technology increasingly touches every aspect of our daily lives. We also seek for the fast delivery to cope with today’s rapid, demanding business atmosphere, and to make life easier for our clients. As we aim to develop the creativity of our employee and maximize our ability to meet their needs.


Committed to Quality:

We provide custom solutions based on your needs

All Sparkle services are done under an integrated system of Color Management to ensure the quality and the consistency of colors with the different kinds of printing.

Committed to Technology:

Sparkle is always keen to introduce the latest technologies in the field of pre-press and printing. In 2009 We presented to the field of printing the ISO Color Proof ( largest format) in replacement of the Chromalin Proof which is not in use any more!

Support Office

4 EL Massoudi st. parallel to El-Markrizy St. Roxy sq.
Cairo, Egypt